The different versions of Monarch BPM

The Monarch BPM platform comes in three editions, so that an organisation can select the edition that is best suited for their organisation. As each business is different, we would recommend that you contact us at and we will contact you to discuss it further.

Feature Standard Professional Enterprise*
Workflow Designer X X X
Standard Web Platform X X X
Database User Management X X X
Web Content Management System Integration (DotNetNuke)   X X
Web Content Management System Integration (SharePoint)     X
Office Word/Excel Integration   X X
Data Reporting X X X
Statistical Reporting     X
Active Directory User Integration   X X
File Monitoring to Process X X X
Scheduled Task Management X X X
Email to Process Gateway   X X
Cloud based hosting     X
iPhone / Blackberry Web Editions (requires Cloud based hosting)     X

Of course if there is additional aspects you would like to see, please contact us and we can discuss any extensions that you may desire or need.