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Web Based Portals

Web Based Portals

Monarch BPM Web Solutions

Monarch BPM Standard Edition includes a process portal that you can use to run your processes, view your work queue, run reports and view the audit trail of existing processes. Built on a flexible architecture you can incorporate the Monarch BPM processes within  existing ASP.NET solution or extend the default process portal that ships with the product. 

Content Management Solutions

Monarch BPM can also link into external systems such as Content Management Systems such as DotNetNuke and SharePoint. Monarch BPM Professional Edition includes modules that can allow you to run processes, view work queues, display reports, view queue entries for a process and also display the audit trail for a process.

Combining Content Management, Information, Data and Processes 

By combining the power of content management with process management, you get great business agility. Display information where you need to, execute processes when you need to, display reports and layout web pages on your internet site or intranet to get amazing flexibility and collaboration.

Easier Customer and Supplier based portal solutions

Using the content management system you can allow collaboration between your customers and your staff by assigning workflow related roles. Using existing technologies, customer portals can be easily created using the combination of existing user databases, content management, our custom customer portal systems and the Monarch BPM process engine.