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Solid Architecture

Software Architecture

A modern business system needs to be flexible enough to work in all types of environments
Monarch BPM was designed specifically knowing that the environment in which it runs will differ from deployment to deployment and that the building blocks of Monarch BPM can be interchanged with other systems. Our User Management module out of the box comes with the ability to connect to our standard username database combination or connect through Active Directory. We also have an extender for the DotNetNuke system so that user management is controlled in this case by the Content Management system own user management. If you have your own format of where you store users, an integration piece into that technology can be developed and linked into the system. 
Creating custom actions and decisions
The Monarch BPM tool also has an additional code generation tool that allows for easy creation of custom action and decisions to allow custom extensions specifically for your organisation if needed. 
Other integrations
Monarch BPM also has other forms of integration. XSD Schema Generation, Web Service Generation, Existing Web Services,  Scripting support, .NET Code Examples and the ability to connect to other databases such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle and any system that supports ODBC or OLEDB. Monarch BPM is designed to meet the integration needs of the modern organization.