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Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional Services

Orchard eBusiness assists in the development of process and people based systems to speed the delivery of systems using Monarch BPM.

Whether your business needs assistance designing processes, integration advice, databases design support, converting documents to and documents so that your team can succeed with the solution as fast as possible.

Technical Services

The Monarch BPM Professional Services team provide both technical and business process experience to deliver you powerful executable business processes that help to increase your throughput and lower costs. As the creators of the Monarch BPM platform we offer a unique perspective on how to streamline your current operating tasks and processes to get the optimum solution we can provide.  

A range of services

We can implement a range of services for your organisation such as assisting you in the design of processes, development of custom extensions to the Monarch BPM system, document generation setup for automation involving existing Office documents, system configuration, integration with content management systems or support for your team implementing the your new system. Using our remote presentation we can offer you support, training and mentoring services wherever you are.

Orchard ebusiness professional services also provides design reviews, developer/analyst mentoring and are provided remotely by phone, Skype and email. Some of our services include:

  • Process Implementation Mentoring: We assist in the review of your existing processes, documents and systems to determine how to effectively implement your system to assist you in achieving your objectives.
  • Developer Mentoring and Software Development: We can assist you in the development of system  integration components to take advantage of other systems or to connect to the systems, database techniques
  • Contact-an-expert - Contact the team via email, phone or Skype with questions and enquiries relating to the Monarch BPM.  

For when you need short term support, Orchard ebusiness Professional Services may be the answer you need. If you needs are outside these services defined, contact our sales team and we can work with you to analyze your needs and provide a solution that works for you.

To get started, contact Orchard ebusiness Professional Services today