Benefits * ISO 9001 Implementations

ISO 9001 Implementations

ISO 9001 Implementations

Design key processes

You can use Monarch BPM to design the key processes in the business and provide information about the correct way to do it while they are running the process. 

Monitoring Processes

With the ability to monitor the status or processes, the work queues of particular teams and the ability to report on the processes, monitoring the processes and keeping track of your team is made much simpler. 

Record Keeping

Every process that is run keeps an audit trail of what occurs, who did the work and when they did it, regardless if it is you, your staff or your customers. To see what happened when it happens make viewing the processes much easier.

Defect Detection and correction

The electronic processes that are created can include data validations so that the right information can be entered and when it is not you can use the communication and collaboration capabilities to inform those that need to take correct action or some other task.

Regular review of the process

Regular reviewing of the processes can occur. The digital dashboards that can be created to view the status of the processes to see how they are working. You can even create processes to remind the review team to review the processes every three months.

Facilitating Continual Improvement

With Monarch BPM you are able to make your ISO implementations easier, and when you change the electronic process, all users will have access to the new processes immediately.