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Benefits for Software Developers

Numerous Benefits of benefits for Software Developers.

You may be aware of all the benefits that Monarch BPM provides, but did you also know that with Monarch BPM you can also embed the workflow and reporting systems into your own applications. Look at what you get as part of the Monarch BPM developers edition.

Expanding out of your application

Each business has their own way of operating. You can use Monarch BPM to extend existing Windows applications or Web applications can call out to an Monarch BPM process and execute custom extensions that your customers design and control. Talk to us about embedding Monarch BPM and how it can benefit your organisation.

Components for adding to your application

Monarch BPM ships with controls that allows you to drop onto your existing ASP.NET applications so you can embed an existing application as soon as possible. Place a workflow on your web page, set the process that it will use, write two lines of code (or paste from our template) and you can have a business process that is as complex or as simple as you need. It's just like a content management system for your processes.

An API that lets you extend the system

Many Business Process Management systems lock you into a limited set of functionality, or a particular database. Monarch BPM has been designed to be as flexible as it can, providing you with an API that gets you access to all the information you may need about the processes in a fast and stable manner allowing you to replace the User Management, the Data Layer, different presentations.

Connecting to Web Services

Each process system can be published as a web service, so external systems can call into the processes directly. Simply set the IsWebService property and presto - you have a web service with accompanying WSDL and access from a wide variety of development processes. 

Custom Tools for Developers

You can also use the custom tools to generate XSD schemas to ensure that the data you send to your orchestrations is correct from the start. Also included are code generators that let you create extensions to Orchard in record time in the .NET language you feel most comfortable with such as C#, VB.NET, J#, Chrome, C++.NET or any .NET language that supports .NET 3.5 CodeDOM code generation.

Using Web Services technology you can also connect to the Orchard Engine to run your processes using Visual Studio, Java and many others that support Web Services.