Benefits * For Business Users

For Business Users

Benefits for Business Users

How will Monarch BPM help my business? 

To be effective in business today you need to make efficient use of your people and your processes. To improve the effectiveness of your people you need more efficient communications. To improve your processes you need to automate those things that can be automated to a degree that the time taken to execute your processes reduces while at the same time the quality of your products and services increase. The goal of Business Process Management (BPM) is to improve your organisations efficency through workflow, automation and improved business process modelling.

Why Monarch BPM?

Monarch BPM offers ease of use, connectivity to a variety of services and integration and extendability. During a meeting with an employee of one of the world's leading IT consultancies, he mentioned that when he started he took a four week training course to learn one of the leading BPM solutions. At this consultancy, they require that each consultant have a minimum 130+ IQ and a wealth of experience. After this meeting it dawned on me that if it requires someone with a 130+ IQ to change your business processes using a business process, then you are not really in control of your business processes and you cannot really control the change. Not only is this not reactive to the level of change in todays business, but it can also be too costly. Monarch BPM is designed to allow someone to change your business processes quickly and get immediate results of the change, on the Web, from an existing application that is using the embedded systems or on a mobile device.

The mobile world?

Communication is key, especially if you have a sales/service force that are out of the office, whether they are across the city or across the world. Monarch BPM allows your employees to particpate in the processes of your organisation wherever they are in the world, from allowing a technician to enter their timesheets on their mobile phone, having the marketing director approve the deisgns of a product to receiving a sales order and then dynamically sending the details to the sales manager if the orders is over 100K, faxing the warehouse automatically letting it know what it should fufill, getting the warehouse manager to let you know automatically when the order has been fulfilled and then sending an SMS to the clients cell-phone to let them know that the order has shipped. It is this flexability that Monarch BPM can give to your organisation.