Benefits * Easy to use Process Designer

Easy to use Process Designer

Easy to use process designer

Easy to use tools

The designer tools that ship with Monarch BPM allow you to create and modify processes easily and have you executing these processes on a web or mobile platform soon after.

Schedule your processes

Processes can be setup to run at scheduled intervals to ensure quality and consistent processes. 

Audit Trail

Whenever a process is run or modified in any way, all changes are logs to create a complete audit trail. 

Work with Office

Many work with systems such as Word and Excel to create proposals, documents and other documents required for your day-to-day business. Monarch BPM allows you to generate and manipulate documents based on existing templates to speed your document creation process. 

File based monitoring

Many industries such as the print industry have systems that look for  files and then run processes on these files once received. Monarch BPM can be configured to run a process based on the creation of these new files.

Role based solution

Dragging a user or role from the  designer creates swim lanes allowing processes to allow multiple user or role participants that can be used to allow communication between internal staff users/roles or event external customers or stakeholders.