Benefits * Controlling Internal Systems

Controlling Internal Systems

Controlling Internal Systems

Profit and Speed

For profit you need to either sell more or spend less. Monarch BPM is designed to assist you to do both. By automating business processes you can spend less time doing routine work or be able to produce more in the same amount of time. 

Quality Improvement

Automated processed can assist to inject quality checks into your systems so your control the output of your staff and improve your customers quality message.

Dealing with your customer

Whether your customers emails you, uploads files you to your systems or you want to establish a customer portal, the Monarch BPM Solution can be run in a variety of configurations based on your needs. Our standard product includes a web portal and iPhone/Android portal to allow execution of processes and further integrations are possible through our professional services. 

Plenty of features to make it easy to develop your business processes

Monarch BPM provides the ability to create rich executable business processes with an intuitive user interface that allows to create workflow systems that integrate your entire staff, allow communications using email, fax, Office Document Generation, integration with all the major database vendors and numerous other features. Adding reporting, scripting, a web 2.0 interface and you can use the Monarch BPM to add value to your business.